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How often should i change my air filter?

Air filters should be changed every 30 days. A dirty air filter can restrict airflow having a negative impact on the efficiency of your system.

do i need to get my hvac system serviced?

HVAC manufacturers recommend having your system serviced twice a year. Ac in the spring, and heat in the fall. This helps to ensure safety and efficiency of the system operation, as well as helping to prevent voiding warranties.

is my hvac system big enough for my home?

There are a few factors that are considered when determining the size of an HVAC system needed for a home. A lot of people think bigger is better, when in fact a system that is too big or even too small can have negative impacts on the efficiency and performance of the system. If you think your system is the wrong size, schedule an appointment with us and we can determine what the right size is for your home. 

are led lights worth the price?

LED lights use up to 90% less energy than the standard halogen bulb, which will help to save energy and reduce your energy bill costs.

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