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indoor air quality

Dry air, dust allergens, pet dander, organic growth, germs and bacteria. These are a few of the particles floating around in our homes effecting the air we breath. Your home should be a place to relax, not a place to worry about what is in the air you're breathing. Indoor Air Quality is a very important aspect of a healthy home, and the most overlooked by homeowners. Whole home humidifiers, polarized air filters, and whole home air cleaners can help to address these unwanted micro-pests in your home to help you breath cleaner, healthier, fresher air. Ask us about our Indoor Air Quality products today, and let us do the worrying for you!


Polarized Media Air Cleaners help to grab 98% more dust than the average store bought filter with a longer lifespan, meaning less filter replacements and more time enjoying fresh air. A polarized air filter will allow optimal air flow through your system for max efficiency while also grabbing the small, invisible dust particles that trigger seasonal allergies. These filters can be installed in your existing filter housing so there is no need for additional duct work.

Whole home humidifiers are a great way to control the humidity in your home during the dry, cold winter months. Dry air will cause damage to hardwood floors and furniture, as well as causing static electricity, dry skin, and more. An added benefit to a humidifier is energy costs, and bacteria control. Higher humidity in the home will make the home feel warmer, meaning the heat can be used less. Bacteria can't survive in higher humidity levels as well as they can in lower levels, meaning winter sickness can be controlled better in the home with a whole home humidifier.


Whole home air cleaners, like the I-Wave R, help to control mulitple aspects of Indoor air Quality with one single device. The I-Wave R will help to remove dust from the air, kill off organic growth inside the furnace and inside the home, and help the home smell cleaner and fresher. This device has a 30yr lifespan, requires no replacement parts, and is self cleaning, a true "out of sight, out of mind" device. 

Today's thermostats can do so much more than before. From setting schedules, to showing indoor/outdoor temperatures and humidity levels, to running all the special features of your heating and cooling system to provide peak performance and energy savings. You can even connect the thermostat to your home WiFi and control your heat and ac from directly from your phone from anywhere. 

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